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21st of May

Barcelona Weather and Climate

Located in the north of Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona has hot and humid summers with little precipitation.  The other seasons are cooler and receive increased rainfall.  The 10 day Barcelona forecast will reveal mostly sunny weather with the bulk of the rain coming in the spring and fall.  Barcelona is categorized as having a Mediterranean climate due to its weather patterns and its geographical location. Si...

20th of May

French Cuisine

When you come to Paris you will be most delighted with the seemingly endless restaurant options. There is every type of food you can think of from Chinese to American. Of course you will want to taste the famous cuisine of France to get the full cultural experience. The influence of French food can be seen throughout the world. Many chefs go through 4 years of school to learn the techniques of the French cooking styles. Paris is the...

17th of May

Hotels in Paris

There are over 1000 hotels in Paris and they all offer a different kind of experience. Naturally, it is most expensive to stay in a place that is near the city center and on the edges, it will be cheaper. Don’t expect to get a view of the Eiffel Tower for much less than 200 Euros per night. If you don’t need a stunning view from your room, you can find discount hotels with high quality accommodations. Luxurious Hotels There are mor...