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21st of May

Barcelona Weather and Climate

Located in the north of Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona has hot and humid summers with little precipitation.  The other seasons are cooler and receive increased rainfall.  The 10 day Barcelona forecast will reveal mostly sunny weather with the bulk of the rain coming in the spring and fall.  Barcelona is categorized as having a Mediterranean climate due to its weather patterns and its geographical location.

Sizzling Summer

Barcelona is known for its amazing beaches and hot temperatures in the summer. From the months of May to September, the water is perfect for swimming. Air temperature in May begins to break though the 20°C barrier and into the hot weather season. Until the end of September and even into October, Barcelona has an average high temperature over 20°C. The middle of the summer brings the most sun and consequently the most humidity with temperatures soaring into the 30s. With the humidity, the outside temperature can feel like 35°C and sometimes lead to an afternoon thunderstorm. The clouds build with vast amounts of water and open up with short torrential downpours. They may last only a few minutes but they really pack a lot of rainwater. The good news is after the rain, the warmth of sun and bright blue sky come right back.

Mild Winter

The other months are not the best time for swimming because the air temperature starts to drop. In the dead of winter, the mercury might even creep to the 0°C point and the skies will threaten their annual snowfall. Approximately once during the year, the clouds send down their unique snowflakes and blanket the city for a day or two. The dusting quickly melts and the weather returns back to the normal winter temperature of about 10 – 15°C.
Most of the rain will come in the late spring and the early fall. It is not to worry because Barcelona boasts more than 250 days of sunshine per year. Furthermore, it is rarely raining or cloudy from sunrise to sunset so you will most likely see the sun at least part of every day.