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20th of May

French Cuisine

When you come to Paris you will be most delighted with the seemingly endless restaurant options. There is every type of food you can think of from Chinese to American. Of course you will want to taste the famous cuisine of France to get the full cultural experience.
The influence of French food can be seen throughout the world. Many chefs go through 4 years of school to learn the techniques of the French cooking styles. Paris is the epicenter of the French cuisine and it is most enjoyed at a traditional bistro or restaurant.


Renowned Flavors

The most famous French foods are baguettes, truffles, creps, confits, roquefort and brie cheese, clafouti, garbure, fruit tarts and many many more. People from around the world have access to these amazing flavors in their local grocery markets and restaurants, but it cannot compare to how great a traditional French meal will taste while you are in France.
There are amazing restaurants all around the city and the list is too numerous to count. It is basically guaranteed that you will have a great meal no matter which establishment you choose. The only decision you need to make is how fancy you want to be. A traditional meal can cost you anywhere from 5 to 500 Euros.

Classy Wine

One more great part about France are the unbeatable quantities of wine. They produce and export the most wine in the world. One of the most famous regions in France is Champagne where the trademarked sparkling wine comes from. Other wonderful flavors are the blended red wines from Bordeaux region. The French design their wines to be enjoyed alongside of a meal, so don’t forget to order a bottle at dinner.

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