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Car Hire Bulgaria

You have found the best place to get a dependable and affordable car hire in Bulgaria. Review the results of our comprehensive search to find the best rental car for Bulgaria. You can be confident you are getting the best rate because we investigate all the major rental car companies. Now is the best time to reserve a car hire in Bulgaria.

Getting Started in Bulgaria

If you fly into Sofia International Airport, you will have the most choices for car rental.  Reserve your automobile with Accord Car Hire and swiftly move from your plane to your vehicle.  Bulgaria has rugged terrain in the west, but you can easily drive anywhere in the country within a few hours.  Your car hire will be the most efficient method of travel to have a great Bulgarian vacation.

Best Places to Go in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a diverse landscape that offers a wide range of tourist activities.  In the summer, you can go to Burgas and Varna to enjoy the beach life on the Black Sea.  The water is warm and the sun is poised to give you the perfect tan.  Stay in the big cities for large public beaches that offer many water sports or explore the coastline for the perfect secluded area.  You can cruise up and down the coastal roads in search of a prime location to claim your spot.  The beach is interesting during the other seasons as well.  You will not want to swim when the temperature is cold, but you will be treated with the breathtaking scenery around the Black Sea.

The Environment of Bulgaria

The Rila Mountain Range has the most popular peaks in Bulgaria.  Come in the winter and fly down the slopes at the Borovets Resort.  The resort is located on Mt. Musala, which is the highest peak in the Rila Range (2925 meters).  It is the most popular place to go because it has such a high elevation and close proximity to Sofia.  The mountains are also a great place to explore in the summer.  The most visited alpine destination is the Seven Lakes.  Formed by glacial movement, the Seven Lakes vary in elevation, surface area, and depth.  Each lake is named for a defining feature.  The highest lake is named Tear because the water is crystal clear.  The other lakes follow suit in the naming scheme.  Another lake that formed from glacial processes, but is not linked to the Seven Lakes, is the perceptibly named Heart Lake.  You guess it; high in the Rila Mountains is a unique heart shaped lake.  The landmark is both romantic and interesting.