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Biographical Information

  • Paris is the capital of France and one of the world’s most influential cities
  • The city population is about 2.2 million, but the metropolitan area is home to 12 million
  • The currency in France is the Euro (EUR)
  • Roughly 40 million people visit Paris every year
  • The oval shaped city limits encompass an area of 86.7 sq km
  • There are 26 regions in France (4 regions are overseas)

Car Hire Paris

You have found the best place on the web to find cheap and reliable car hire in Paris, France. Renting a car overseas can be exhausting and aggravating, but Accord takes the stress out of the process. Browse our huge selection of cars and reserve the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.

Must See Places in Paris

Get a hire car in Paris and explore a romantic city famous for its architecture, cuisine, nighttime atmosphere, artwork and so much more. There are a plethora of wonderful and exciting attractions to see in Paris but if you are budgeting your time, there are some places you must visit with your rental car. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, the Louvre holds our world’s most stunning works of art, the Notre Dame Cathedral is the definition of gothic architecture and the Picasso Museum gives you a glimpse into the life of a brilliant artist.

Walk around the city in the evening and see why Paris is appropriately named the city of light. During the night, the city comes alive with the most impressive lighting schemes in the world. In 1828, gas lights were used in the ritzy Champs De Elysees neighborhood and the city of light was born. Today the tradition is carried on throughout the entire city.

Close Places to Visit

Drive your rental car outside the city and take your family on some day trips they will never forget. A short 32 km drive from Paris is the Disneyland Resort complete with thrill rides and fun for people of all ages. For a day of peaceful elegance, take you hire north of the Paris to the magnificent Chateau de Chantilly and be astonished by the exquisite structure.

For a taste of the past, take a trip to Saint Ouen for the day and browse the flea markets and antique shops that are regarded to be the best in the world. Or venture to one of Napoleon’s favorite getaways in the beautiful forests of Fontainebleau and relax like the great conqueror.

There are many more beautiful chateaus, museums, parks, and cities to take your rented car around Paris. The hardest decisions will be where to visit. The easy decision is renting a car in Paris to travel with freedom and speed.