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Facts about Russia

  • By area, Russia is the biggest country in the world
  • The population is about 145 million people
  • The capital is Moscow
  • Russian has 11 different time zones
  • The currency is the Russian Rouble (RUB)
  • The official language is Russian

Car Hire Russian Federation

This is the best place on the internet to find cheap and reliable car hire in Russia. We search the most reputable rental car companies in Russia to find the best prices available. Take some time to review your options and make the best selection for car hire in Russia. Enjoy the freedom you deserve with an unbeatable rental car.

Arriving in Russia

You can reserve your car hire at many locations throughout Russia. Book your rental car at Pulkovo Airport if you are arriving in Saint Petersburg. For Moscow, you can reserve your car hire at Sheremetyevo International Airport or Domodedovo International Airport. These are the most convenient locations to start your rental car travels. There are also many other locations in cities and at other Russian airports. Determine your best course of action and book your rental car today.

Geography of Russia

Russia covers the most area of any country in the world. Pick-up a rental car and explore the country that encompasses about 12% of the earth’s land area. Russia has about every type of terrain you can imagine. There are mountains, plains, forests, coastlines, deserts and much more waiting for your car hire journey. The western part of the country is by far the most densely populated. The Russian population is mainly confined to the urban areas where over 70% of the population lives. Bring your car hire to Saint Petersburg or Moscow and enjoy the two largest cities in the country. There are many more large Urban cities, but the rural areas are sparsely populated.

Urban Russia

Visit the big cities in Russia with your car hire you enjoy unique architecture and deep rooted history. Russia has some of the most beautiful buildings and cathedrals in the world. Drive the rental car to Moscow and see the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral. The colorful onion domes are a special design to guard against snow accumulation. The other major cities hold beautiful attractions that are best reached with your car hire. Do not wait any longer. Book your car hire now.

The Great Russian Wilderness

Russia is huge. The county stretches 11 different time zones. The Russia Siberia is a great place to explore with your car hire. You need to make sure you have plenty of gas before heading into Siberia because the gas stations are rare. Car hire Moscow can take you to some places that are hardly seen by other people. You do not want to travel in Siberia during the winter because temperatures reach the lowest on earth. The roads are sometimes not passable but if you do not take your car hire too far into the abyss you will be ok.