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Information about Spain

  • The capital of Spain is Madrid
  • Spain has a population of over 40 million people
  • There are 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities in North Africa
  • Spain has approximately 700,000 km of paved roads
  • The currency is the euro (EUR)
  • 5,000 km of coastline

Car Hire Spain

You have found the best site for car hire in Spain. Our vehicles are in perfect working condition and our prices are unbeatable. Search the large selection of rental cars from compact sedans to full size vans. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to rent a car for a holiday in Spain.

Geography, Terrain and Climate

Car hire in Spain allows you to enjoy southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula in comfort.  Take your rental car to the Pyrenees Mountains form a natural boundary with France in the northeast and  Portugal is tucked into the west.  The rest of Spain’s perimeter has vast coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the North Atlantic Ocean.  The elevation ranges from a low of 0 meters to a high of 3718 meters. The topography features mountains, plateaus, fertile valleys and coastal plains. 

Take your hire car to Melilla and Ceuta which are autonomous Spanish cities located in North Africa bordering the countries of Morocco and Gibraltar.  The Canary Island chain is situated off the west coast of Africa and serves as another autonomous region for Spain.    

The climatology of Spain is fascinating.  The summers are hot and humid throughout the country but luckily our rental cars have air conditioning, although the winter tells a much different story.  The Mediterranean cities have mild winters with little precipitation, but the highlands receive a solid snow base and sub zero temperatures.  These contrasting environments allow for the ski season to overlap with the beach season.  It is conceivable that you could be carving a trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains by morning and surfing the sea in the late afternoon.

Urban Excitement and Rural Serenity 

Spain has beautiful and interesting cities that are waiting to be explored.  The architecture, parks, churches, food, people, museums, sports clubs, festivals, and traditions are famous all around the world.  See the daring matadors test their courage in Barcelona, run with the bulls in Pamplona or join 40,000 people near Valencia for an unbelievable tomato fight.  Drive your hire car into town and take time to enjoy the city life; browse the local shops and markets, see priceless artwork, view awe-inspiring buildings and taste authentic Spanish food.  Drive your rental car to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Gijon or La Coruna and experience unbeatable Spanish hospitality.

If you want to get away from the fast moving city life, there are plenty of places your hire car can take you for a break and to enjoy the Spanish countryside.  Spain is the world’s top olive producing country and the farms in Andalusia offer tourists an in depth look at the growing process.  Other small rural towns are perfect for discovering the traditional Spanish culture.  Take your car hire to Salvador Dali’s unique villa in Cadaques, stay at one of the exquisite mansions in Santillana, or navigate the beautiful mountain roads on your way to the ancient village of Ronda.  Wherever your Spanish holiday takes you, the best way to get there is in a rental car.