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Fast Facts for Glasgow, UK

  • The city population is over 600 thousand
  • It is the biggest city in Scotland
  • The Hamilton Mausoleum has a echo delay of 15 seconds
  • University of Glasgow is one of the best in the world
  • The currency is the British Pound (GBP)
  • There are 4 professional football teams in Glasgow
  • Car hire Glasgow driving distance is 42 miles
  • Driving distance to London is 403 miles with car hire Glasgow


Car Hire Glasgow

You have found greatest place for a cheap car hire in Glasgow, UK. The best aspects we offer are affordability and convenience for car hire in Glasgow. With, you will enjoy the advantages of working with highly professional personnel to find the Glasgow car hire you want. Be confident you will find the best possible deal with the ease of having your Glasgow car hire whenever you want it, and whenever you need it. Reserve your vehicle today with Glasgow and you will not pay any booking fees. You will also not be charged any cancellation fees if you change your mind about the car hire Glasgow. is the best place to solve all of your ground transportation need no matter where you are in the world.

Arriving in Glasgow

Greate way to start your holiday is to pick-up the car rental at Glasgow  Airport. You will not have to queue at the car hire kiosks when making an early reservation. Need to pick up your rental car somewhere else in the city? can find you an alternate pick-up location. With numerous places to get your vehicle, you are never far away from a great car rental in Glasgow. Take control of your vacation today with a cheap Glasgow car hire.

Past and Present Glasgow

Cheap car hire in Glasgow will come in handy because this is the largest city in Scotland. Beginning in the 18th century, Glasgow became a hub of transatlantic trade. It was once considered the “Second City” of the British Empire and it is still one of Europe’s top 20 financial centers. The city is built on a grid system of roads, which is perfect for visitors who have rented a car. The layout of the city means you can easily travel to the best attractions when you rent a car in Glasgow.

Places to go in a Glasgow Car Hire

Drive your car hire to George Square in the heart of the city and enjoy the elaborate Glasgow City Chambers and numerous statues. Experience this superior culture center and visit the Buchanan Street shopping district. The area features up-market retailers and was awarded the “Great Street Award” by the Academy of Urbanism in 2008. For a little change of pace, drive to Glasgow’s West-End.  This area features a much more Bohemian atmosphere filled with clubs, boutiques and cafes. Glasgow is also renowned as a center for the arts with almost all of Scotland’s national art organizations.

Glasgow’s River Clyde

For a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of this major metropolis, rent a car and drive to the banks of the River Clyde. Enjoy the calming air and the gentle Scottish breeze as you think of how content you are with your trip to Glasgow. The urban river banks have stunning buildings of modern beauty and historical tradition. The only way to experience all of these glorious places is with a cheap Glasgow car hire.

Sports in Glasgow

There are two major sports that really identify the people of Scotland, football and rugby. If you are visiting with Glasgow, you can easily driveyour rental car to to one of the many venues around the city to see a match of these two most prevalent sports. There are 2 professional football teams that compete in the Scottish Premier League, Celtic F.C., Rangers F.C. Apart from that, Partick Thistle F.C. and Queen’s Park F.C. play in the Scottish Football League which is one step below. Car hire Glasgow is the cheap, easy and the fastest way to travel around the city and find the venue of your choice.

If you are more interested in Rugby, Scotland is  place for it. This is truly one of the top rugby countries in all of the world. There are a lot of different leagues and teams that are playing during the seasons, but you might be lucky enough to catch a National League match during your holiday. This is only one step below the top level rugby ranks of the world. All you have to do is ask the receptionist in your hotel for some info about rugby in Scotland and you can take the car to the stadium for a really fun evening.