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Lowest Price Guarantee

Not only do we claim the guaranteed lowest prices, we deliver them too. Our staff is constantly contacting rental car providers to negotiate the cheapest and most current prices. If you find a lower price on a different website, we will try and beat the price within 24 hours.

General Restrictions:

1. You must find the lower price within 72 hours prior to your pick up time.
2. The price must be readily available to any person. (this excludes special member deals or rewards deals)
3. The price must be for the exact same conditions as your quote on our website.
4. The car hire price cannot be part of a package deal (for example: hotel + car hire)
5. Our customer service representative must be able to search and find the same deal that is less than our price.
6. You must provide the information we require to review the lower price you found.

Please fill out this Lowest Price enquiry form:

Desired pick up location:
Desired drop off location:
Pick up date/time:
Drop off date/time:
Competitor’s price:
Competitor’s quote direct link:
Security code:
For more information about Lowest Guarantee deal visit our Terms and Conditions page